How to choose a sport

The International Encyclopedia of Sport Selection

  • It is a unique encyclopedia, introducing sports on the Olympic program in detail.  
  • ​This ebook is much more than just a list of sports and factual descriptions of them. 
  • ​Our aim is to provide detailed information to the readers with our publication who are interested in becoming actively involved with sports activities.
  • ​Besides presenting the history and main rules of the given sports, this publication will help you and your children to find a sport which best suits their skills and abilities, body and soul, and which they can fall in love with, perhaps for a lifetime.

What is in the ebook?

Sports on the Olympic Program A-Z

The different sports are listed alphabetically and the information on them is presented in a logical system. This book complies with the requirements of the Agenda 2020 Reform Programme, which sets out the cooperation between the IOC and UNESCO in education to promote Olympic values. Therefore it helps to educate the younger generation for a more sporty lifestyle.
The encyclopedia, ‘How To Choose A Sport?’ is illustrated by professional photographs taken in action during the Olympic games. 

Sport compass

First you can find the introduction of the sport. After that you can read about history, and the personal aspect of the choice.
You will get answers about questions: Who is it for? What kind of skills does it develop? From what age can it be started and for how long does the sports career last? Can this sport be a hobby or a freetime activity? How can it be started and what do we need to start it?
Actually, this book is more like a guidebook.
 As someone who longs to travel may read about the beauties, dangers, and peculiarities of foreign lands, our book helps people who want to work out or practice a recreational activity to choose the right sport from the ever-growing palette of sports according to their need to find satisfying adventures.

Just browse through this ebook  and find the sport you like the sound of.

Gauge your capacities, determine how much load you are able to handle, how often you would like to work out, what are your possibilities.

Start playing the sport(s) 
you find attractive.

Sports of the Summer
Olympic Games in the book

Archery, ​Artistic swimming, Athletics, ​Badminton, Baseball/softball, ​Basketball, ​Boxing, ​Canoe, ​Cycling (BMX), ​Cycling (mountainbike), ​Cycling (road cycling and track cycling), ​Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, ​Football, Golf, Gymnastics, ​Handball, ​Hockey, ​Judo, ​Karate, ​Modern Pentathlon, ​Rowing, ​Rugby, Sailing, ​Shooting, ​Skateboarding, ​Sport climbing, ​Surf, ​Swimming, ​Table tennis, ​Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon, ​Volleyball, ​Water polo, ​Weightlifting, ​Windsurf, ​Wrestling

Sports of the Winter
Olympic Games in the book

Bobsleigh, ​Curling, ​Figure skating and Ice Dancing, 
​Ice hockey, ​Luge ​Skiing, ​Snowboard
​Speed skating
János Nagy author and editor-in-chief of the book Olympic athlete, European Championship silver medallist in wrestling

The main goal of writing the book ‘How to Choose a Sport?’ was to provide insight to the world of sports, to present the basic information required for choosing a sport successfully, and to present the practical application of these. 

This book helps children and adults to choose the sport that suits them the best based on their personal skills and individual targets. 

Our goal was to teach parents and children the mechanism of decision-making: how to assess facts and important aspects, and how to apply them reasonably. 

The question that arises in many aspects of our lives – not only in sports: “How to decide?” Our most important decisions might have a significant impact on our life even years later. 

Although there are numerous aspects in making a decision, we, the decision-makers are the most important “aspect” of the responsible choice, as we have to make sure that the available data are accurate and significant, and we are responsible for the decision, too. 

If the required information and the courage to make the decision are given, and the personal targets and requirements are also taken into consideration, we are already halfway to victory. 
Proper decision-making plays an important role in creating a successful and joyful sport life. 
Our book provides support for this. Choose well!

János Nagy

author and editor-in-chief of the book
Olympic athlete, European Championship silver medallist in wrestling


Mr. Thomas Bach
International Olympic Committee

Mr. Thomas Bach (Source: IOC / David Burnett)
Source: IOC / David Burnett
"Young people need the benefits and values of sport more than ever. They need positive role models like the Olympians who have contributed
to this encyclopedia. This book will
help the cause."

Ms. Irina Bokova

Ms. Irina Bokova (Source: UNESCO / Michel Ravassard)
Source: UNESCO / Michel Ravassard
"Sport is a unique
force to promote
dialogue, social
integration and
development. I hope that this publication will motivate
many more to take part in sport, to stimulate
enriching experiences for individuals, families
and wider communities."

Dr. Tünde Szabó
Minister of State for Sport,ministry of Human Capacities

Dr. Tünde Szabó
"We are proud to contribute
to the detailed and exciting
presentation as well as the
international promotion of
the Olympic sports, and the
broader familiarization of
the Olympic spirit and the
Olympic movement."

Dr. Jenő Kamuti
President International Committee for Fair Play

Dr. Jenő Kamuti (Source: MOB / Szalmás Péter)
Source: MOB / Szalmás Péter
"In a society, if someone
is called a real sport
person, they are
considered honest,
trustworthy people.
These kind of people
stand out from the

On behalf of the editors of this book, I would like to say special thanks for the support of the International Olympic Committee, UNESCO, the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO, the Permanent Delegation of Hungary to the OECD and UNESCO, the Co-ordination Department for External Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the State Secretariat for Sports of the Ministry of National Resources of the Hungarian Government, the Hungarian Olympic Committee, the International Sports Federations involved in the Olympic programme, the Hungarian Sports Federations, the Hungarian Coaching Association, our Sponsors, contributing Partners, Associations and Sport Clubs, and their contribution in creating this revolutionary book, the International Encyclopedia of Sport Selection.

Our special message for the young:

Choose a sport you like and which is available to you. 
Then grab your parents or friends, and go to the swimming pool, the gym or the court together. Go and check what is happening there!

Observe others as they practice, put on your sport shoes, join the game, practice the basic moves, hit, kick or throw that ball, lift those weights, jump into the swimming pool, then come out with frozen lips, fall over, stand up, move, jump, run and become tired. Or get a band-aid for the bruise on your knee.

You will definitely enjoy it. When you arrive home in the evening, you will have a clearer vision of the things you read here previously. If you still haven’t found what you were looking for – just browse the pages once more and start all over again!

Don’t forget that when you find the sport which fits you the most, somehow you will also find yourself. The stakes are high, but you will have fun along the way. We have done our best to help you.


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